SHACL shapes catalogue for well-kown ontologies

In this section SHACL shapes for well-known ontologies can be found. All these shapes were generated using Astrea. When one of the download buttons is pushed, the shapes for the selected ontology are generated using our services on the file.

Ontology Formats Imported ontologies Shapes
DBpedia (2016) RDF/XML -
W3C Time (2006) turtle -
SAREF: the Smart Appliances REFerence ontology html turtle W3C Time (2006)
SAREF extension for environment html turtle xml/rdf n-triples -
SAREF extension for building devices html turtle xml/rdf n-triples -
EU Project VICINITY, core ontology rdf/xml turtle n3 VICINITY WoT
Web of Things Mappings extension rdf/xml turtle n3 VICINITY Core
EU Project DELTA, core ontology rdf/xml turtle json-ld n-triples DELTA OpenADR
OpenADR rdf/xml turtle json-ld n-triples -
SSN turtle SOSA
oneM2M turtle -